This document sets out the Terms of Use (‘Terms’) of (the ‘Website’).
This Website is operated by Beef Academy (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ ‘the Seller’).
The Customer (‘you’, ‘your’) is a natural person who is of legal age and who is not acting within the context of practicing a profession or conducting business, with whom we conclude an Agreement.
The Product or Services are Beef Academy Products or Services that we offer for sale on the Website.
The Order is a purchase of one or more Products or Services placed by you on the Website in accordance with the procedure and the terms described in this document.
The Purchase Price is the price indicated on the Website for a Product or Service, including VAT.

By accessing this Website, you agree to be bound by the Terms. Before using this Website, you should read the Terms carefully, as well as our Privacy and Cookie Policy (‘Privacy Policy’).

1. Applicability of the Terms
These Terms of Use that have been made available online by Beef Academy on govern all offers, orders, agreements and other legal relationships between the Seller and the Customer with respect to use this Website, including the purchase and sale of a Product or Service on or via the Website.

2. Order placement and completion procedure
a) Order placement
The Customer can place an order on or via the Website in the following manner:
− The Customer selects the Product or Service desired in the desired style, color, size and/or period;
− The Customer add the Product or Service to his/her cart;
− The Customer checks his/her order and proceed to check out filling in all his/her personal and address details;
− The Customer checks the information provided;
− The Customer selects a payment method and process the payment;
− The Customer receives a confirmation e-mail on the Order that has been placed.

N.B. This first confirmation e-mail does NOT mean that the payment went trough and that the order has been completed.

If the e-mail address provided is wrong, Beef Academy will NOT be able to send any confirmation e-mail or further information about the Order and/or about the shipment.

b) Order completion
After the Customer placed an order, Beef Academy will:
− Check all the Order details;
− Check if the address provided is correct (if not we will contact the Customer as soon as possible to require a correct address);
− Check if all the Order items are in stock (if there is any sold out item, we will contact the Customer as soon as possible to offer a suitable solution);
− Check if the payment has been processed and received;
− Decide whether to accept or reject the order (read section 2.c for further information about rejected orders).

If Beef Academy will decide to accept the Order, the Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail that will inform him/her that the Order has been completed and that it will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. In case the Order only contains a Service the Customer will also receive a confirmation e-mail with additional information.

c) Order rejection
Beef Academy will be entitled to reject the Order placed by the Customer in the following cases, among others:
− If the information that the Customer filled in is incorrect, incomplete and/or false, or if we are reasonably entitled to doubt whether that is the case;
− If the payment is not received;
− If the Customer already failed to comply with his/her payment obligations towards Beef Academy in the past;
− If the Customer had already caused serious inconvenience to Beef Academy in the past;
− If the Customer in the past had failed to accept and/or collect Order that he/she placed;
− If there is an obvious mistake in clerical error, for example in the prices indicated on the Website;
− If Beef Academy cannot deliver the Order to the address provided by the Customer.

If an Order is rejected, Beef Academy will contact the Customer as soon as possible.

d) Conclusion of the Agreement
The Agreement, including the Privacy Policy placed on the Website and these Terms of Use, constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and Beef Academy with respect to the use of the Website and the placement and execution of an Order.

3. Shipping and Delivery
a) Shipping time and carrier
The Order is processed and from our logistics as soon as possible (within 1-10 working days) after the Order has been completed.
All our shipments are made using a carrier designated by us.
The Customer will always be notified via e-mail in case of possible delays or changes.

b) Shipping address and personal information
After the Order has been processed and packed, it will be shipped to the address indicated by the Customer, provided that the mentioned address is complete and correct.
If the address provided is incorrect and/or incomplete, the Customer will be contacted as soon as possible via the e-mail address and/or phone number the Customer indicated his/her self, provided that the personal information is correct and complete.
If the Customer provide an incorrect and/or incomplete personal and address information, Beef Academy has no responsibility in eventual delivery delays and/or failures.

c) Solving an eventual inconvenience
The risk with respect to any damage to or loss of the Products will be transferred to the Customer as from the time at which the Products are delivered.
If any inconvenience will occur before the delivery the Customer must contact Beef Academy providing order number, address information and a clear explanation of the inconvenience. Beef Academy will handle the complaint as soon as possible and will find a suitable solution in agreement with the Customer.

4. Price and Payment
a) Prices
The prices indicated on the Website are denominated in Euro, are inclusive of Value Added Taks (VAT) and are exclusive of shipping costs.
The return shipping costs are for the Customer’s account.
The total Purchase Price will be indicated in the cart and in the confirmation e-mails the Customer will receive after completing your Order.

b) Price variation
Beef Academy is entitled to adjust the prices indicated on the Website from time to time without any notice of being required.
The prices indicated at the time at which the Order is placed will be deemed to be the prices that form part of the Agreement.

c) Payment
Payment may be made by using the methods indicated on the Website and must be made in advance in order to fulfill the Order and complete the Agreement.

5. Returns
If the Customer is not entirely satisfied with the purchase of a Product, the Customer is entitled to return the Product that has been delivered, on his/her own costs, within a term of 14 days after the Product has been received, without stating your reason for doing so, in the manner indicated in our Return Policy, provided that the Product has not been worn (trying on clothing is permitted), is undamaged and (as far as possible) is in the original and undamaged package.
If the package has already been shipped, shipping charges are not refundable.
Products purchased with a discounted price are NOT refundable.
Before returning Product the Customer must fill in, print and place in the package the return form we provide on our Website, in order to specify the details of both the Order and the return.

Returning Services is of course not possible.

6. Complaints
a) Contact
The Customer can contact Beef Academy as follows:

− Via e-mail
− Filling in the contact form on our Website

b) Responding time
Beef Academy will answer to all inquires as soon as possible, but at least within 48 hours, provided that the e-mail address indicated is correct and/or complete.
In case we are not able to provide a full answer within those 48 hours, we will notify you hereof.

Beef Academy has no responsibility for non-receipt messages and/or technical problems might occur during the communication between the Customer and us.

7. Warranty and Liabiltiy
a) Warranty
We are required by law to provide a Product that meets the contract we have with the Customer.

The Customer must check the Product as soon as he/she receives it, before remoting the tags and/or using the Product itself and inform us about any eventual defect within the term of 14 days.
The Customer is required to provide proof of the defect such as pictures of the Product with tags still attached and of the defect itself.

If a damage occurs after the tags have been removed and/or the Product has already been used and/or washed we will require additional proof and information such as washing and/or drying method.
If the Customer can show the Product has a defect caused by a production error, the Dutch Warranty Law applies to the case and Beef Academy and the Customer must find an amicable and suitable solution we both agree with.

The Customer will fully cooperate with our requests and/our requirements.

b) Liability
Beef Academy is not liable for any indirect, additional or consequential damage, of any kind whatsoever, that the Customer sustains in connection with the Agreement. Under no circumstances will any direct damage, for which Beef Academy is legally liable towards the Customer, exceed the Purchase Price. This provision is not intended to exclude our liability in the event of bodily injury or death.

8. Force Majeure
Beef Academy is not liable for any damage as result of a delay in the delivery or a failure to deliver that has been caused by circumstances that impede Beef Academy from complying with its obligations, and that cannot be attributed to Beef Academy because they cannot be blamed on Beef Academy, and cannot be deemed to be for our account in accordance with the law, a legal act or in accordance with generally accepted standards, such as – but not restricted to – war, threat of war, civil war, riots, a day of national mourning announced by the government, strikes, transport problems, trade limitations, problems with customs authorities, fire, flooding, earthquake or the bankruptcy of third parties engaged by Beef Academy, a failure on the part of our suppliers to supply goods or a failure on the part of our suppliers to supply goods in a timely manner, interruptions in the supply of goods to be delivered by third parties, including water and electricity, and or other serious interruptions in the business operations of Beef Academy or third parties that it engages.
If as a result of a situation involving force majeure Beef Academy fails to comply with its obligations under the Agreement or fails to do so in a timely manner, Beef Academy will be entitled to perform the Agreement within a reasonable term or – if compliance within a reasonable term is not possible – to dissolve the Agreement in whole or in part, without Beef Academy being obliged to pay the Customer any compensation in that respect.

9. Accuracy and availability information
While we use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up to date information on the Website, we make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy.

We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the Website.
Fill in our contact form if you believe any information is incorrectly reported.

We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to add, revise or remove any content or information without notice.

10. Health and exercise disclaimer
Beef Academy advise the Customer to consult their physician before beginning with one of our Online Coaching Programmes. The Customer should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in any exercise.

Although we use qualified trainers, Beef Academy is not a licensed medical care provider or dietitian. Achieving your fitness goals is not guaranteed and results are subject to individual compliance and variation.

Participating in one of our Online Coaching Programmes is on your own risk.

11. Your use of this Website
Your use of this Website is at your own risk.
Other than for your own personal use you may not: copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, reproduce and/or use the content of this website for any commercial exploitation whatsoever.

12. Password/Account Security
The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentially of his/her password and account and any activities that occur under your account. Beef Academy shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by you the Customer to protect his/her password or account.

13. Ownership and rights
The trademarks, logos and service marks (together ‘the Trademarks’) displayed on the Website, are registered and unregistered Trademarks of Beef Academy. Nothing contained on the Website should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademarks displayed on the Website without the written permission of Beef Academy. Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed on the Website, or any other content on the Website, except as provided in these Terms of Use, is strictly prohibited. You are also advised that we will aggressively enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extend of the law, including the seeking of crimial prosecution.

14. Copyright
You should assume that everything you see or read on the Website is copyrighted unless otherwise noted and may not be used expect as provided in these Term of Use or in the text on the Website without the written permission of Beef Academy. We neither warrant nor represent that your use of materials displayed on the Website will not infringe rights of third parties not owned by or affiliated with us.

15. Review of Terms of Use
We may at any time revise these Terms of Use by updating this page. You are always bound to the latest version of our Terms of Use and should consult them before using the Website.

(Download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.)
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